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New Triman installation 450 tn/h in North Africa.


New Triman installation in North Africa.

At this moment we are finishing the assembly of a new installation of 450TPH at the primary post and 280TPH at the secondary and tertiary group.

We detail of what the installation is composed:

Primary. Compose of a grizzly-screen feeder (APT-510) and a jaw crusher (TMM-1100).

The material reception is carried out in a primary reception hopper of 40m³ (60t) capacity and a 5m width fit for charging Dumpers of up to 35 tons.

The very robust grizzly-screen feeder that will regulate perfectly the installation flow, by means of some combs in the upper deck, the product >100mm will be sent directly to the jaw crusher.

Underneath the combs, the product 0-100mm is classified by means of a metallic anti-clogging mesh and the lower product (0-25mm) is sent to a stockpile conveyor, while the rest of the product (25-100mm) is being resent to the exit conveyor of the jaw crusher.

The jaw crusher installed is a TMM-1100, with 110kW (150CV) power and a feeding inlet of 1100x880mm, that admits stones of up to 700mm.

For this case, we have recommended a closure of 160mm to have an outlet product of 0-240mm that allows a perfect secondary crushing.

The primary production is of 450TPH.

Intermediate Stock. To allow having the primary as well as the secondary working in an independent way, benefiting the maintenance works.

It also allows a regulation of the flow that arrives to the secondary crusher.

It is a stock of 2450m³ (3900t) total capacity and 1000m³ (1600t) of useful capacity, that is sufficient for this production.

Secondary.  An impact crusher IST-5 has been installed with a power of 200kW (270CV), can be feed with stones of up to 2400mm and has a production of up to 280TPH, according to the closures and the rock own nature.

The crusher outlet product (0-60mm) will be sent to a screen (CVT-1545-III) of 1500x4500mm and 6,755m² of useful screening surface for the first classification. This screen disposes of metallic meshes to cut to 25, 31.5 and 50mm. The lower product (0-25mm) is sent by means of a conveyor to the final product screen for its classification.

By means of bypasses is managed to achieve the products 0-25, 0-31.5 and 25-50 and the products >25, >31.5 or >50mm can be recrushed, according to what is needed at each time.

The secondary production is of 280TPH.

The reject is sent by means of a conveyor to a hopper for its recrushing in the tertiary crusher.

Tertiary.  A gravel impact crusher (TMI-2-G) has been installed, with a power of 132kW (180CV), can be feed with rocks of up to 80mm, and has a production up to 130TPH, according to the closures and the rock own nature.

The crusher outlet product (0-34mm) will be resent to the earlier screen (CVT-1545-III).

The final screen receives the crusher outlet product 0-25mm originating from the first screen. This screen of 2200x7000mm and 15.4m² of useful crushing surface disposes of metallic meshes to cut to 15, 8 and 3mm. The output products are sent to the conveyors that they will store them on the floor.

The aggregates produced are: 0-3, 3-8, 8-15, 15-25, 25-50 y 0-25 o 0-31.5mm



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