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An extensive history with constant growth in the company of our clients

In 1985, a group of Navarran businessmen working in the sale of machinery to quarries and public works projects, and a metal work company specialized on machinery repair for this sector, joined forces with the aim of uniting their technical and market-based knowledge and experience. They purchased a workshop in an industrial zone 5 km from Pamplona, covering a surface area of 1,300 sqm. With an initial workforce of just 10 people, and thanks to the extensive experience of the project leaders, in a very short period of time, the new company had developed the largest range of quarry machinery offered by any Spanish company to date.

Thanks to the constant innovation and refusal to accept technical limits which have marked its development and evolution, the company has been able to develop a wide variety of different machines in accordance with current manufacturing criteria. As a result, it stands in sharp contrast to the majority of other companies working in this field, which have remained more or less stagnant while TRIMAN has launched onto the market machines such as its TMI crusher, over five hundred of which are (with a few design adjustments) currently in operation.

Due to the purchasing potential for anti-wear cast material that the company owned in 1992 as the result of the large number of crushers working with highly abrasive products, TRIMAN began to explore the possibility of setting up a new company dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of cast iron products. It was then that the possibility arose of acquiring a cooperative company involved in cast iron manufacturing, located in Mieres (Asturias) which had gone bankrupt at that moment. TRIMAN purchased the company, re-launched it and shifted its production focus to the quarry market. It was soon accepted by the customers that TRIMAN had consolidated over recent years with its high technical level and excellent quality of service.

Then, with two companies, both dedicated to the same sector, TRIMAN began to expand its commercial network throughout Spain. The opening up of a Sales Office in Madrid, with the aim of establishing contact with major companies in the industry, proved a key step forward in TRIMAN’s definitive consolidation in the sector.

In 1994, the volume and dimension of the contracts undertaken, most notably Supply Contracts for the construction machinery used in the building of the Itoiz and UTE Val reservoirs in Navarra and Zaragoza (respectively), prompted the company to search for new sites in which to expand its industrial activities.

Around the same time, a workers cooperative from Alsasua (Navarra), belonging to the Mondragón Group and focusing on the manufacturing of heavy metal work products (with unique facilities in Spain), was experiencing financial difficulties due to a downturn in incoming contracts. TRIMAN decided to purchase the company.

With the Mieres Foundry up and running, this new investment and the guarantee already provided by TRIMAN machinery, the company was able to undertake projects on a much larger scale. It was at this point that the company became the market leader in Spain, a position retained until nowadays.

Once its commercial network was consolidated throughout Spain, TRIMAN decided to explore new international markets, becoming, in Portugal, the international company with the highest sales volume of recent years. Similarly, TRIMAN has made a name for itself in countries with enormous growth potential in both Eastern Europe and Middle East.

As a result of this expansion, TRIMAN has focused its investment efforts on the construction of a new Metal Work facility in order to respond to the increasing influx of orders. This premise is located in Loredo (Asturias). It was fully up and running from the beginning of 2008 and covers a surface area of 40,000 sqm, with 15,000 sqm of pavilions, all equipped with the very latest cutting, folding and iron welding technology.

With four production facilities that are the only ones of top quality in Spain, in-house engineering of renowned prestige and an extensive commercial network both in Spain and abroad, TRIMAN is firmly established as one of the leading companies in the field of quarry and ceramic machineries manufacture, as well as in the anti-wear cast iron replacement parts sector.



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