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Corporate social responsability

We are committed to the socliety, sustainability, sport and environment.

Triman Group helps Spor

During three seasons, TRIMAN has been the sponsor of an indoor club belonging to the National Spanish Honorary Division.

The Xota, named (Triman Navarra) has had during these three seasons a children football school, providing cover and support to social works in Brazil and Salvador.






Labour Risk Prevention

Triman Group is convinced that its most assets consist in the set of people belonging to its companies. It focuses on professional ethics that ensures safety and health to the workers. A system managing Labour Risk Prevention has been established. This enables to respect the existing legislation and to improve continuously the conditions of safety and health at work.







TRIMAN GROUP is committed to the conservation of the environment through the continuous betterment of the environmental practices in all its activities.

The foundry has a resolution of integrated environmental authorization according the integrated prevention and control law of the pollution (IPPC) and it respects annually the established conditions.

Beyond the strict compliance of the legality, in all the centres of TRIMAN GROUP, they are proceedings, developed in order to reduce emissions to the air, the optimization of the consumption of water, the correct management of wastes and the betterment of spills preventions.



Commitment to Society and environment

In the cultural field,  TRIMAN GROUP, donated to the municipality of Mieres (Asturias) a sculpture, in tribute to the companies and workers that have elaborated the history of the Steel and metal industry in the council. The sculpture is situated in front of the Polytechnic School of Mieres (belonging to the University of Oviedo).







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