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We treat all fields and sections. We manufacture according to drawing or we sketch your piece or part

Technology for treatment of aggregates and minerals, wear parts and liners. Special parts for the industry of  coil, metalworking,  chemicals, thermical and cement plants. Chromium steels, nickel, manganese, molybdenum.

  • Low alloy pearlitic and martensitic steels.
  • Manganese austenitic steels containing 6-20% manganese.
  • Chromium and molybdenum alloy martensitic cast irons containing 5-30% chromium. Hardness is up to 64 HRc.

Procesos trituración

  • High chromium martensitic white cast irons for rolls, blades, augers supplements, hammers, linings, impellers and rings.

Procesos indutria cerámica

  • Manganese austenitic steels and high chromium martensitic white cast irons for hammers, wearing plates, armour plating, etc…


  • Martensitic cast irons, austenitic steels for liners and wedges for
    crushers, hammers for pre-crushers, liners, rollers for ashes crushing, T-shaped parts, elbows and hydro-ejectors.


  • Wheels for dump cars, sections for debris crushers, hammers for crushers, beaters and cages for froth flotation cells, impellers and bodies for mud pumps, linings for cyclones and for liners, mills AG, SGA and ball mills.

Procesos minería

  • Low and medium alloy carbon steels for manufacturing.
  • Stainless and heat resistant steels.
  • Wear resistant cast irons and steels.

Procesos industria general



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