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Through our strict manufacturing processes, we guarantee quality

  • Mixing arm: equipped with a 40t/h IMF mixer.
    Automatic adjustment of programs, flow rates, temperatures and hardening times.
  • Carousel nº1: deals with a 10 or a 20 semi-moulds
    IMF installation fitted with: patterns positioning
    stations, “fast loop“ compaction and moulding,
    turner-stripper, painting and drying station, automatic
    moulds handler, distribution to castingwaiting
    lines, shakeout, casting, waiting-stripping.
  • Computer-assisted production management.
  • Flask and flaskless moulds operation for small moulds.
  • Carousel nº2: deals with a 3000 * 1800 compaction table
    which has 10 waiting stations fitted with 2 devices for big moulds transfer and positioning.
  • Carousel nº3: deals with a 1500 * 1200 compaction table.
    Roller ball tables for sand cores and medium moulds.
    A semi-gantry crane of 10 t, with double flanged wheels for an autonomous operating of an IMF hydraulic handler for moulds up to 3000 * 1800.
  • Painting facilities, flow coating installation with auxiliary machinery for specials paints.



Casting is done through a semi-gantry crane with ladle
automatic positioning.

  • 3 Inductotherm medium frequency electric furnaces with a
    capacity of 2.5 t and 2 t/h respectively, with a basic liner and fitted with a vacuum dust collector.
  • 4 bottom-pour ladles of 5 t.
  • 8 bottom-pour ladles of 2.5 t.
  • 8 Cucharas para 2.5 t.
  • Melting is assisted by 2 travelling cranes of 8 t.
  • Ladles heating through an oxy-gas station.
  • Stationary and hanging weighing machines, pyrometers,etc…


This installation has been designed and made by TRIMAN and
enables to reclaim up to 95% of the silica sand we do use.
Made up of:

  • Shakeout double grid on hopper, magnetic separation of
    metals, attrition unit that processes sand for an hour in order to dispose of all resins rest.
  • Classification through screening and storage in 3 silos of 60 t
    in order to keep the temperature stable.
  • Vacuum dust collector for dust from shakeout and classification.
  • Pneumatic conveying to intermediate silo, classification on
    fluid bed and separation of oxides, slag and other magnetic
    particles. Then new vacuum cleaning.
  • Pneumatic conveying to consumption silo.
  • Cleaning by suspended load shotblasting machine.


  • 2 automatic furnaces of 3000 * 3000 * 1800 with a fixed
    bottom, fitted with a lining made of ceramic fibre. Heating by
    natural gas.
  • 1 automatic furnace of 2800 * 2200 * 1800 with a fixed
    bottom, fitted with a lining made of ceramic fibre. Heating by
    natural gas.
  • Automatic device for loading/unloading, transfer and immersion.
  • Water quenching tank.
  • Cooling stations with ventilation system.


  • 15 cabinets fitted with air extraction system, maintenance
    and in-line positioning for risers and sprue cutting, flamecutting, air carbon arc and circular saws, welding for repairs and finishing, suspended and portable disc grinders etc…
  • Machining workshop that consists of conventional parallel lathes up to a diameter of 2300, a milling machine, several boring-milling machines with a 120 diameter bar, a CNC vertical lathe which diameter is 1800 and a grinding machine for jaws.
  • All the machines are fitted with a whole range of tools.


  • 11 mobile column boring-milling machine which boring bar is 110 mm diameter
  • 1 vertical lathe which bed is 1500 mm.
  • 1 lathe which is 12 meters between both ends and 2000 mm roll-over.
  • 1 lathe which is 3 meters between both ends and 2000 mm roll-over.
  • 1 lathe which is 2 meters between both ends and 700 mm roll-over.
  • 1 lathe which is 2 meters between both ends and 800 mm roll-over.
  • 1 universal milling machine.
  • 1 radial arm driller with a 1500 pedestal fitted with a bit which is 70 mm.
  • 1 driller fitted with a bit which is 50 mm.
  • 1 broach.


  • 10 travelling cranes between 10 and 15 t.
  • 1 semi-gantry crane of 5 t for melting.
  • 5 hoists of 2500 kg.


  • Natural gas installation.
  • Centralized compressed air.
  • 2000 kVA transformation center.
  • Scales for trucks up to 60 tons.




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