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We manufacture your specific steels

We can prepare all sorts of specific steels for you. We advise you to have new qualities of material, in order to improve duration and performance of wear parts.


We are a producer of special steels for the manufacture of the below detailed TRIMAN’s parts. We can also produce suitable parts for other manufacturers.

Impact crushers

Blow bars

Hypereutectic cast irons containing up to 30% chromium.

Impact plates

Eutectic cast irons containing 16-25% chromium.

Side liners

Eutectic cast irons containing 12-20% chromium.

Sockets, blocks and shims (blow bars fixation)

Manganese austenitic steels.

Aplicacion de molinos impactadores

Vertical impact crushers

Martensitic cast irons containing 12-20% chromium.

Widia hammers and armours. ArmoursAplicación martillos widias

Cone crushers

Austenitic steels containing 12-20% manganese.

Mantles and concaves

Aplicación mantos cóncavos

Rotor crushers

Austenitic steels containing 12-14% manganese.


Shear plates



Jaw crushers

Fixed and movable jaws

Austenitic steels containing 12-20% manganese.

Clamping wedges
Joint plates

Low alloy and surface tempered steel.


Low alloy and surface tempered steel.

Aplicación quicioneras

High chromium content martensitic cast irons for roll crushers, blades, augers supplements, hammers and linings.


AM-12 martensitic cast iron previously treated in order to balance hardness and machining easiness.

Pressure and pre-compression blades

Martensitic cast iron but also steel.

Camisas y hélices



Martensitic cast iron.


Martensitic cast iron.

Rings and rolls

Martensitic cast irons.
Manganese austenitic steels.
Quenched and tempered chromiummolybdenum medium alloy steels.

Paletas, martillos y aros

  • Manganese austenitic steels and high chromium content martensitic cast irons for hammers, wearing plates, armour plating, etc .…
  • Heat resistant steels for industrial furnaces spare parts manufacturing.


  • Martensitic cast irons, austenitic steels for liners and wedges for crushers, hammers for precrushers, rollers for ashes crushing, T-shaped parts, elbows and hydro-ejectors.


  • Low alloy and carbon steels.
  • Nodular cast irons.
  • Manganese austenitic steels and martensitic cast irons.


  • Low and medium alloy carbon steels for manufacturing.
  • Stainless and heat resistant steels.
  • Wear resistant cast irons and steels.

Industria general




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